LeadPro is an exclusive partner of Robotina and together we’re trying to build a future that is sustainable and environment friendly.

Building Management

If you’re constructing a building, or a main contractor, or an M&E contractor or a consultant looking for a systems integrator to install a new BMS, then you are at the right place.

Our goal of the intelligent building is to apply modern technologies to produce a living and working environment that is safe, comfortable, functional, and energy-efficient. Because it combines all components, it necessitates the employment of technology and system integration.

Using our connected BMS installs, we can collate and deliver your data wherever required. Indeed, we’re already monitoring critical temperatures and alarms for businesses like Colt and BT to improve the daily operation of their sites.

It is critical for users that key functions operate automatically. The intelligent technology gradually learns about the users’ living and working routines and customizes them while keeping security and energy efficiency in mind. Only an intelligent system can continuously monitor all factors and optimally manage the building.

If a user wants to intervene in a system, however, the most crucial quality of a good system is the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system interfaces. We offer push buttons, traditional PCs, touch displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, and TV interface devices that you can control.

Moreover, we offer services like

Industrial Automation

Engineering in the field of industrial automation has the company’s longest history and most experience.

Quality consulting to a customer, from idea to implementation with start-up and lifetime maintenance, is possible thanks to expertise and situation analysis.

In cases where standard solutions are insufficient, Robotina with its own development and manufacturing units creates products and solutions that are efficient and long lasting.

Extensive experience in the following areas of industrial automation:

Infrastructure Automation

Concerns for quality and continuous supply of clean water, as well as the management of an increasing amount of waste, combined with the fact that the majority of these units operate without constant human presence makes these applications as the most critical and efficient automation without malfunctioning.

Our experience has enabled us to provide technologically advanced and quality solutions which will meet all demanding specifications.

Water intakes, reservoirs, complete water pipelines, and waste water treatment plants all have very similar key specifications:

OEM Products and Services

We love to understand the demands and put forward the idea that is efficient. Our clients love to partner with us as we offer solutions in the shortest time possible. Our well-experienced team understands the client’s need and implements it in an organized manner to prepare a tested, proven, and certified technology.

Our OEM Products:

We have expertise in manufacturing OEM products by following a lifecycle:

Project specifications

We assist you in comprehending the challenge and translating it into control technological language.
We help you in defining, selecting, and optimizing methods for controlling your product. The end
result is a product specification and an implementation proposal.


After collecting specifications, we design and implement dedicated algorithms to manage our product operation. This phase also includes designing GUI graphical design, electrical and mechanical design. Developing software that runs on the system is also a part of this phase.

Prototyping and Certification

Fabrication of the first functional product prototype to analyze and validate that it is up to the
customer demand. After getting the approval from our client, we make technical documentation
(SOP) and get certification to market.

Manufacturing and Maintenance

After verification from the client, we start small batch production, design and implementation of QA
quality assurance procedures and documents, and make automated testing equipment with measurement and testing protocol according to product specifications.

Moreover, providing the after-sale service is the most important task and we excel in it. Our clients have full support from our end to provide timely and efficient maintenance so that you don’t lose your business’s money or time.

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